Xcode 13 brought plenty of changes to us and one of them is the new Swift Package Collections. This changed where we add Swift packages to our projects from.

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The Old Way

How to change or replace colors in images with Swift, using multiple different techniques.

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SF Symbols

Allowing user to delete projects and creating basic UIs for all platforms

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Taking in user input and saving to UserDefaults

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In this series of articles I will be walking you through my process of building a time tracker app for iOS and macOS using SwiftUI

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I finally got my first iOS job. Here are the steps I took, the mistakes I made, and some statistics.


How I set up my bullet journal this year and why I made the changes that I did

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Make your code prettier by setting up SwiftLint in your projects

What is a Linter?

Learn how to ask reviews for your app.



These are the things that you didn’t think about, and some of the ones you did

Bean Juice in use

Iiro Alhonen

iOS developer building cool products and nerding out about comics. Currently running my first big D&D campaign. Occasionally funny,

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